Headliners, "the school of stars" ran by world renownd Steve and Yvonne Dunn

About Us

Shiv, Steve, Yvonne, Linus and Zara

Headliners is a world renowned and multi award winning dance school which specializes in producing world champion dancers across varying styles of dance. Their skills cover country couples, west coast swing and linedance which is a fusion of different motions including funky, ballroom, latin, contemporary & novelty. They are known for their award winning choreography and technical knowledge which results in their students having won virtually every top division available. At the 2011 World Championships they produced no less than 23 world championship title winners including the highest and most coveted division Megastar Female World Champion which was retained by Siobhan Dunn.

Their reputation is such that they have trained England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Holland, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Spain, Latvia & Lithuania. Their studio is based in Upton Wirral and is run by Steve & Yvonne Dunn who are former world champions in their own right. Their many successes on the competition circuit and their reputation for technique/choreography led to the being approached by students wanting to be coached and the demand was such that they retired as a couple from competing to concentrate on developing their students. They regularly travel and teach/judge around the world. The school is a family orientated business and we see our students as close friends and an extension of that family.

Steve & Yvonne are also multi UCWDC Star Award Winners in the categories Worlds Top Male & Female Coaches, Favourite Male & Female Coaches and Team Coaches.

Their own daughter Siobhan Yasmin Dunn began following in her parents footsteps as a little girl and quickly found success. She won her way to being featured in the Guinness Book of Records for her dancing achievements as the youngest ever linedancer to win an advanced world title achieving this at the tender age of just 6 years 6 months old. She is also featured in the Guinness Book of Records Museum in Hong Kong. Siobhan has continued to win a world title every year since and at 20 years of age is now also a Headliner coach and dance professional in her own right. She regularly teaches her students from all over Europe, is the first female to have won the Megastar Female World Champion title two years in a row. She inspires many both on and off the floor and is respected not only for her dance skills but also for her willingness to help anybody, passion for dance, professionalism and sportsmanship all of which are important attributes in a champion dancer.

Siobhan's boyfriend Linus Backstrom originates from Sweden but now resides in the UK with us. He is also a megastar dancer, professional couples dancer and coach at Headliners and is considered very much part of the Dunn family.

Our youngest daughter Zara Chanice Dunn is 9 years of age and also has the dancing blood in her veins. Like her parents and sister she already has many world titles to her credit and is known for her crowd pleasing performances & personality.

Headliners coach all ages and levels from newcomer to star divisions and many of their students have now also gone on to successfully run their own dance schools ensuring that the Headliner reputation continues to grow.